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Fines For Failure To Comply With New Fire Regulations

A care home operator was recently fined a massive penalty of £100,000 for failing to comply with the new fire regulations.  As a care home operator you are under a duty to be aware of new rules and in most cases it is not lack of responsibility but lack of knowledge that leads to shortfalls within the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, (RRFSO).

If you are building a new care home, please make sure your contractor or future contractor is up to date on the latest regulations.

The Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation have produced a new training programme suitable for all levels of care home staff.

The DVDs are divided into two 14 minute-chapters, Chapter 1 covering; general hazard spotting, action in the event of fire, evacuation strategies, firefighting and fire safety equipment.

The second chapter is aimed at managers and senior staff and focuses on the main requirements of fire safety legislation, fire safety roles and responsibiltiies and the fire risk assessment process.

These DVD’s are available to purchase for £109.50 and for more information visit  You can also preview trailer clips of the DVD and purchase online.

In the case where the massive fine was handed out by the Crown Court, there was no loss of life or injury to any residents or staff.  This is a very serious area and we invite comments in relation to your views and any information you are able to provide related to fire safety and regulations.  This could be as a service provider or as a supplier of fire safety and preventative products.

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