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Dementia Knowledge Centre

One of the aims of this on-line resource centre is to offer regular and relevant information that is crucial to the design, development, build and maintenance of care homes.

Whilst our site covers a variety of subjects we want to also offer linkages to various organisation and charity websites that cover more specific and precise issues, that may only be of interest to certain readers.

The alzheimers society website found at is a tremendously informative site and one particular section is the ‘Dementia Knowledge Centre’.

From the introduction we believe this ’source’ will be of benefit to you.  We warmly welcome any questions visitation to this site may bring, plus we would like to hear from you regarding any other specialist areas that you are interested in reading about.


Dementia Knowledge Centre

The Dementia Knowledge Centre (DKC) is an information service for professionals and others with an interest in dementia care and research.

The Dementia Knowledge Centre aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia by encouraging learning and best practice.

The DKC collection also offers published information (print and electronic resources) covering various issues related to: health care, social care, housing and design.
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