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Massive increase in need for care for elderly predicted

Information is coming from many reliable sources  regarding the rise in demand for provision of care for the elderly.  With life expectancy ever increasing and other attributes, including the current recession, Building Construction Partnership,  have a firm plan in place to ensure maximum support for the health care provider regarding future design, development and build of residential and care homes.

In support of this claim a recent article was published on the Caring Business Magazine website entitled…

One Quarter of Councils Report Surge in Older People’s Care Needs Because of Recession“.

A brief introduction into the article stated that ‘A quarter of councils’ chief financial officers have seen an increase in demand for elderly care in 2008 as a result of the economic downturn, says the Audit Commission.

The Audit Commission’s chair, Michael O’Higgins said its current research also showed that 54% of chief financial officers believed demand for elderly care would increase in 2009-10 as a consequence of the economic change.

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