Brian Bullock

Brian Bullock

Welcome to the new Building Construction Partnership Blog. As the leading experts in design, development and build of nursing and residential care homes we wanted to share our expertise and experience with you” Brian Bullock

How can this site benefit your business?

We guarantee to supply regular updates of information, news and reports that are vital to the design, development & build of residential and care homes. Also we will keep you up to date with new product and service information often before you will even see these ‘items’ advertised. Plus we can offer essentail and crucial information regarding laws and legalities and in the ever more regimentalism of our Care Industry, this can save you time and money ensuring your business is running efficiently and legally.

How can you gain access to this information?

Please subcribe on the opening page and enter your email details. You will automatically receive the information as it goes ‘live’ onto the site, ensuring you do not miss out on ‘red-hot’ news.

How can you be sure this information is valid?

As the leaders in design, development and build of Residential and Care Homes; Building Construction Partnership have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guarantee this information is current, important and ‘factual’. Our sources of information will be provided to our readers and we invite you to visit the websites or blogs where further information can be found.

Can you place relevant information on the site to benefit other readers?

Yes, we warmly welcome input and interactivity. Your ‘comments’ and reviews will be filtered through our administration process and once approved; your products, services, information, data, statistics, etc can be placed on the site with a link to your contact details or website. This ‘social networking’  is an extremely pro-active and effective means of marketing your business.

Once subscribed does that mean you will constantly  be bombarded?

No you are in control and can stop the delivery of emails at any time.

Will you be contacted by a heavy pressure sales team once you have provided email details?

No, all we will send you is what you have requested; regular facts, news reports, information, etc all relevant to your business via this blog source.

What control do you have on the information received/provided?

Using our experience of the needs of care home builders, designers, owners, managers and service/product suppliers and users, we will aim our information to meet these needs. However, this site is for YOU and we warmly welcome ideas and suggestions for articles that would be benefit YOU or requests for vital information that you cannot source for yourself.

We are the leading experts and we can provide that information Further Questions?

Please place your questions in the comments sections and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. This comment will not be placed ‘live’ on the site unless you request it to be. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Thank you

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